Our Stars Stories

Elling Neil Rice

Elling Neil Rice was born October 29, 2020. With a fatal diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta, he lived for an hour.

Avery Daun Long

Avery Daun Long was born silently to her loving family on 10-25-2020

Daniel Jackson and Cheyne William Taylor

Donate in Memory of Daniel and Cheyne Hi, my name is Tamara. To tell our story I have to go back to the August before I got pregnant. My husband Tim hadn’t been feeling well

Zayne Martin Paszkiewicz

Donate in memory of zayne On November 18, 2015, our perfect full term baby boy, Zayne Martin Paszkiewicz was born still.  We started this heartbreaking journey on the morning of November 16th, when our story

Walk To Remember

Donate to Walk to Remember My name is Cate Ross. On December 8th I woke up in the middle of the night to what I thought were contractions. I woke my boyfriend DJ up telling him it

Timothy Robert Benton

Donate in memory of Timothy Previous Next Timothy was due in February but due to complications he was delivered 3 months early. He was born via c section November 20th 2019 and was only about

Oliver Allen Webber

Donate in memory of Oliver Allen Webber My husband (Tony) and I knew we wanted to start a family together in 2015. We were very excited to see a positive pregnancy test in April 2016.