Our Stars Stories

Winnie Elise Graham

Donate in Memory of Winnie Born March 4th at 3:05 pm.  8lbs 2 oz. and 20.5 inches long  She was pure magic and perfection…  This isn’t the birth announcement Trevor and I thought we would

Legend Lee McJefferson

Expected Due Date 05/10/2024( My Mother’s Day Baby)  Date Legend made his arrival (January 5,2024) “Legend’s Never Die!” January 3rd 2024, I went in for my 20-week checkup scan. Everything showed up great I heard

Shepherd Reed Styron

Donate in Memory of Shepherd Shepherd was diagnosed with Triploidy. This is where one has 69 chromosomes instead of the typical 46. We were told this would be fatal to Shepherd. Most babies with Triploidy

Ryley Nicholas Konkol

Donate in Memory of Ryley Ryley Nicholas Konkol is an innocent little boy who was unfortunately taken from us too soon. He loved being held and would put up a fit until he was back

Julian Fernando Cintron

Donate in memory of Julian My name is Giovanna. My son, Julian, was born still on November 7, 2023. I was 35 weeks +4 days pregnant. Julian was an active baby up until my 35th

Amyrah Silvia Coniff

Our baby girl Amyrah Silvia Coniff was in our lives for 47 short days. Jesus called her home after 5 long days struggling with RSV. Our baby girl fought so hard but now is back

Violet Peterman

Donate in Memory of Violet   Our Miracle After a few years into our fertility journey, we received the best news… we were pregnant! Seeing our first positive pregnancy test on Christmas Day 2022 was simply the

Lily Isabella Murphy

Donate in Memory of Lily Isabella Previous Next Rick and I have not previously been ready to share my story other than with close friends and family. On July 7, 2023 I gave birth to

Axl Wolfe

Donate In Memory of Axl Wolfe We tried for several months to become pregnant and eventually our prayer’s were answered. Our beautiful boy fought to be here on earth every day since the day he

Aidan Chan

Donate in Memory of Aidan Chan Previous Next 不經不覺Aidan離開媽媽已經一星期了 這個星期媽媽好像過了一個世紀 天父已經收納你嗎? 你在天父那邊愉快嗎? 雖然媽媽爸爸現在暫時與你分開 但每天每當媽媽靜止的時候都會想起你 有時會拿你出世時戴的帽子摸一摸 幻想是撫摸你的皮膚 有時會拿起手機看看媽媽爸爸跟你的合照 幻想在看看你的小手指   媽媽爸爸很慶幸你出生時可以緊緊的抱著你 摸過你的小手指,小面珠和小耳朵 跟你一起的大半天 媽媽感到你來過世上 雖然只是一點點時間 但這是媽媽爸爸跟你最幸福的時光 媽媽爸爸也永遠記住每一秒跟你一起的時光 媽媽爸爸永遠愛你   愛Aidan 及媽媽的朋友們 我、Victor 和Aidan都感受你們的關愛 有姨姨說Aidan 是個特別的孩子 Aidan