Our Stars Stories

Ella Marie Perry

Previous Next donate in memory of ella marie perry My name is Kristina, my husband is Boone, and our beautiful daughter Ella was born as a stillbirth.  We are blessed to have two Earth side daughters,

Sofia Gmehlin

Previous Next Donate in memory of Sofia Gmehlin We found out we were pregnant with our first baby on December 31st and confirmed it on New Year’s Day of 2021. What a great start of

Eden Emerson Scott

Previous Next Donate in memory of Eden I got pregnant in January. It was hard since I never managed to change my insurance because I was just out there for college. We managed to find

Our Story by Laura Robertson

Donate in memory of Laura’s Baby Sadly, it has come to my attention the number of flaws that are currently in our State’s Laws for TFMR (termination for medical reasons). Currently, TFMR cannot be performed

Luka Grace Little

Donate in memory of Luka Grace Little Hello, my name is Bella Cruickshank, and I am a mother of a stillborn baby girl. This is me and my partner’s story. On the 9th of October

River and Aksel Rock

Previous Next DONATE IN MEMORY OF RIVER AND AKSEL  “We can cremate the babies here at the hospital, but you wouldn’t be able to get their remains because they will be put with all the

Sean Anthony Oliver

donate in Memory of Sean Anthony Oliver   Ever since my wife and I got married on November 28, 2013 we had dreamed about having a family of our very own.  I had been previously

Ava Kinsley Kramer

Donate in memory of Ava Kinsley Ava Kinsley My name is Amie Russell my spouse Cory Kramer and I found out we where pregnant  with our sweet girl Ava Kinsley Kra.sr in February  of 2015

Grayson Ellsworth Lee Wolf

Donate in memory of Grayson Previous Next After years of struggling to get pregnant and early miscarriage, my husband and I were ecstatic to see those two pink lines on what seemed like the millionth

Vidhaan Srivastava

Donate in Vidhaan’s memory We were touching the sky when I got to know that my wife is pregnant. What a day! I hold my wife and we both smile with tears in our eyes.