Our Stars Stories

Cailum Chance Jensen-Ericsson

Donate in Memory of Cailum Previous Next On May 14th 2022 I had found out I was pregnant, i ran out of the bathroom with the positive pregnancy test and showed my boyfriend freaking out,

Sireli Soleil

Donate in Memory of Sireli Previous Next I struggled a bit with my pregnancy due to the nausea and vomiting and everchanging hormones. This baby was my first. She was worth it all. Towards the

Mulan Noelle Bullird

Donate in Memory of Mulan Noelle Mulan Noelle Bullird is the light of our life. She was the youngest out of our 4 children. On December 19,2022 we went in to check on her because

Bastion Porter Cohen

Donate in memory of Bash MY STILLBIRTH STORY Bastion Porter (Bash) was my second pregnancy & all seemed well after some small scares with two soft markers- calcium on his heart & a little extra

Astra Rose Duel-Skorseth

donate in memory of astra In late 2020, we decided we were ready to try for a baby.  Shortly after trying, we became “pregnant.”  For about 10 weeks, we thought we were, though I had

Ezra Fletcher Williams

Donate in Memory of Ezra Previous Next Hi, my name is Sasha Williams. In April of 2022 I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child at the age of 35. I was shocked,

A’Noah Diyan Sanders

Donate in Memory of A’Noah A’Noah Diyan Sanders aka Baby Primetime or to his sisters as Porkchop, was the biggest baby in the NICU.. weighing almost 8lbs born 6 wks early… He was a fighter,

Luka Grace

Donate in memory of Luka Rose Hello my name is Bella Rose and I lost my baby girl. Here is my story. The day I found out I was pregnant I was scared and also

Cana Josephine Paules

Donate in Memory of Cana Josephine Paules We found out that we were pregnant just before Christmas of 2021, which was an incredible gift. The entire pregnancy was a blessing from beginning to end. Mom and baby

Enzo Alexandre Tapia

Donate in Memory of Enzo Tapia A letter to our son. To our dearest Enzo, Nothing could have prepared us for the moment we found out you were to become an Angel. It is unbelievable