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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support and Resources

Pregnancy and infant loss is devasting and can make you feel isolated and alone.  We are so deeply sorry you found us but are so glad you did.  You are not alone and help is available.  Below you will find many of our 100% free supports and resources for individuals and families who experience pregnancy and infant loss.

Our robust resources are categorized in the following sections:

  • Free Grief Support
  • Immediate Support (before and during delivery)
  • Additional Support and Resources
  • Pregnancy After Loss 

Free Grief Support

We offer a variety of free, virtual support groups.  Learn more or register by clicking the link above.

Our support line is staffed by professionals who have personal experience with pregnancy and infant loss.  There are other free 24/7 phone and text supports as well.  Click the link above to learn more.

We offer free peer-to-peer support where we match you with someone who has tragically had a similar experience with loss.  If you want to learn more, be matched with a peer or become a trained peer yourself, click the link above.

We offer a wide selection of printed materials such as bereavement resources, support group cards and more.  All of our resources are completely free and ship free as well. 


If you are finding us while you are preparing to meet your baby who has passed away, we are so deeply sorry.  This guide can give you ideas of ways to make memories with your beloved baby.

After pregnancy or infant loss, many women struggle when their milk comes in.  This page can help you navigate your options.

If your baby has died unexpectedly, your health provider may ask you to consider additional testing to help learn what happened.  This information is designed to answer common questions that may help you in this decision.


Since stillborn babies tragically do not receive a Birth Certificate, many states offer a Certificate of Stillbirth or a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth.  Learn more about how to obtain a certificate for your baby/babies by clicking the link above.

Some states offer tax credits or tax deductions to families of stillborn babies.  Click on the link above to see if your state offers this support.

Here is a collection of resources that other families have graciously suggested as being helpful.  We hope they bring you peace and comfort.

It would be an honor if we remembered your beloved baby alongside you.  We can honor them as one of our stars or create a memorial page for them.  Click the link above to honor your baby.

Do you have a question about pregnancy health, stillbirth, other types of perinatal losses, or bereavement that you would like to ask our medical team?  We will approach the most appropriate medical expert in the field and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Returning to work after loss

Webpage coming soon

Returning to work after pregnancy or infant loss can be a very difficult process.  We hope you find the information helpful as you transition back to work after your loss.

There are many items you can purchase to remember your baby.  We have partnered with some amazing organizations who create beautiful pieces and donate a portion of their proceeds to Star Legacy Foundation.

When someone you love is experiencing pregnancy or infant loss, knowing what to say or how to help can be challenging.  We have created a guide to help you support your loved ones during this devastating time.

Support for Siblings

Webpage coming soon


This free, two-part course is intended for families who are expecting after loss.

We offer a free, virtual support group for pregnancy after loss.  Learn more or register by clicking the link above.

We offer a wide selection of printed materials for safe pregnancy, especially for families who are pregnant after loss.  All of our resources are completely free and ship free as well.

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