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Resources for Health Professionals

  • Recommended Reading
    • Unified Position Statement on Seeing/Holding Stillborn Babies
    • Cooling a Baby’s Body After Perinatal Death – Position Statement by Resolve Through Sharing
    • Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss: A Guide for Nurses, Physicians, Social Workers, Chaplains, and Other Bedside Caregivers. By Jane Heustis and Marcia Jenkins.
    • Stillbirth: Prediction, Prevention, and Management. Edited by Catherine Y. Spong, MD
    • They Were Still Born: Personal Stories about Stillbirth. Edited by Janel C. Atlas.
    • Silent Risk: Issues About The Human Umbilical Cord. 2nd Edition. By Jason Collins, MD, MSCR
    • Meeting the Needs of Parents Pregnancy and Parenting After Perinatal Loss. By Joann O’Leary, PhD and Jane Warland, RN, RM, PhD
  • Videos

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