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Our Accomplishments

2022 - A Year of Growth



  • 5000+ hours donated by 88 volunteers
  • 18 active Chapters
  • New Chapters: Orlando, Maine
  • New Chapter Leadership: Chicago, South Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts
  • Trained 24 new Peer Companions
  • 120+ Peer Companions total


  • Exhibited at 10 pregnancy expos around the country
  • Encouraged enrollment in 11 research studies in addition to the PRP
  • National CMV Foundation and Healing Moments Counseling added as PRP Partnering Organizations
  • Began data analysis of COSMOS Study
  • Supported publication of Advice from Bereaved Parents (Minton)
  • Published 2018 and 2019 Stillbirth Scorecards


  • Launched new Learning Management System for online education
  • Exhibited at National ACOG, AWHONN, NPA, PLIDA, PSI, ISA, Group B Strep meetings plus several local/state professional meetings
  • 9 Presentations at Health Professional meetings
  • 21 Live Continuing Education Events
  • Distributed more than 93,000 patient education materials to 273 organizations in 42 states plus DC, Mexico, and Canada – 33% increase over 2021
  • Planning for Stillbirth Summit 2023


  • 19,000+ social media followers
  • Chapters increased social media followers by 11%
  • 25,000+ newsletter subscribers – 26% increase over 2021
  • 1500+ participants at x Champion Events
  • October Campaign/Events
    • Michigan – McKay Tower lit pink/blue
  • Acquisition International named Star Legacy as Leading Champions in the Prevention & Care & Pregnancy Loss – Midwest USA


  • Supported national legislative efforts
    • SHINE
    • Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022
  • Supported state efforts
    • CA stillbirth tax credit
    • MO stillbirth tax credit
    • MN stillbirth tax credit revisions
    • CT stillbirth tax credit
    • NY family leave
    • NY timing of care after stillbirth
    • MN family leave
  • Provide stillbirth tax credit information to families/organizations in MN, ND, MI
  • Multiple meetings with state and local leaders regarding stillbirth issues, replicating MNCSID

Family Support

  • 500+ families supported
  • 1500 families supported through 7 different Support Groups
  • Provided 200+ hours of support groups
  • Monthly PAL Childbirth Education classes
  • Supported 665 families through MNCSID
  • Approved for grant funding to replicate MNCSID in Wisconsin
  • Welcomed Mark Terjessen as new Dad’s Support Group Facilitator


  • Welcomed Rachel and Heidi to the team
  • GuideStar Platinum designation
  • Great Non-Profits designation
  • Constituents from all 50 states plus DC
  • Hosted Chapter Chairs Retreat in San Antonio, TX
  • Income Sources:
    • Memorials/Donations: 43.4%
    • Grants/Contracts: 34.2%
    • Champion Events: 20.4%
    • Other: 2.0%
  • Expenses:
    • Research: 29.7%
    • Family Support: 23.3%
    • Education: 19.6%
    • Awareness: 13.4%
    • Administration: 7.5%
    • Advocacy: 6.5%


  •  Hosted a successful virtual Stillbirth Summit! There were more than 1,100 participants with more than 500 of those being Healthcare Professionals.  At the Summit, 27 of the world’s experts in stillbirth presented on prevention and care. Mark your calendar for June of 2023 for the next Stillbirth Summit in San Diego, CA and virtually!
  • More than 2,000 families were supported on the support line in 2021! Our support line is open 365 days a year, 24 hours in a day.  If you ever find yourself needing support call 952-715-7731 ext. 1. 
  • Welcomed 3 Chapters to the Star Legacy Family!  Join us as we continue to welcome the Greater Kansas City Area Chapter, South Carolina Chapter, and the Mississippi Chapter!  They are all off to great starts and making quite the impact in their communities.
  • Funded more than $150,000 in research grants. Funding included: Sleep Behaviors in Pregnancy Study and Marketing Strategies to Help After Baby Loss. We also continue to track previously funded studies still in progress:  Understanding Sleep Disordered Breathing, Stillbirth, and Placental Disfunction: A Study of Placental Morphology;  and Reduced fetal movements Overnight Sleep Evaluation (ROSE Study). Research is important to prevent and reduce the instances of pregnancy and infant loss and a big reason for why our foundation was started.
  • Completed DEI training as a team to ensure alignment of all projects.  This is something we are working really hard towards and will be requiring all chapter leaders participate in DEI training as well.  We know that pregnancy and infant loss occurs twice as often among black women as it does white women.  Our goal is to learn more about this and other disparities and how we can work to reduce them.  One way we do that is through our Pregnancy Research Project.
  • We have 113 peer companions that are equipped to help families after their loss all across the United States. Peer companions are matched by many different methods but most common is by  location and/or similar loss situations. If you are in need of a peer companion or want to become one, please email [email protected].
  • Welcomed new staff and board members.  We welcomed 3 new staff members (Kelly, Mikayla, and Colleen), a new Support Group Facilitator (Anna), and 4 new board members (Jacqueline, Jared, Shaylee, and Jenny).  Learn more about our team here.Also THANK YOU to Dale Fuller who has completed his term as Board Chair. Andrea Lang is the new Chair for the next two years.  Also – huge thanks to Mindy Mueller for her 10+ years on the Board of Directors.
  • Hosted 23 champion events across the United States in 13 states!  The events went incredibly well over the last year. We are so thankful to so many for hosting these events in honor of Star Legacy Foundation.  If you would like to host an event email [email protected] for more info! Events range from walks/runs, galas, golf tournaments, photography sessions and so much more!
  • Enrolled more than 2,000 participants in the Pregnancy Research Project.  Participants are from 49 states and 27 countries.  We had a big push in Q4 and that showed positively in the reporting.  We will continue encouraging others to participate so research can guide the next steps in improving pregnancy loss prevention and care. Research is the vital key to learning why stillbirth is still so prevalent and how to prevent more of these terrible tragedies in the future.  To participate in the Pregnancy Research Project visit  Participation criteria includes 1) if you delivered a baby in the last 5 years OR 2) ever delivered a stillborn baby OR 3) are currently pregnant at 12 weeks or more gestational weeks. You can participate for EACH of your qualifying pregnancies.
  • Provided more than 75,000 brochures to more than 250 health care facilities (in 47 states). All materials are free of charge as it is the goal of Star Legacy to have the information available to anyone who needs it!  Materials are available in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali!  Safer Pregnancy cards are available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Arabic, French, and Turkish. Contact [email protected] to request a copy of our current resource catalog.
  • Added a new Spanish Speaking Support Group in 2021.  This group meets on Friday evenings and has been successful for its participants.  To learn more about our support groups visit. We have also had more than 1,800 people attend our support groups. Support groups are a safe environment where one can tell their story and express themselves freely, knowing that the others will be supportive and non-judgmental. All support group facilitators are trained mental health professionals with first-hand experience and/or practice emphasis in perinatal loss.
  • Partnered with Ariadne Labs.  Star Legacy Foundation was honored to partner with Ariadne Labs to consider adaptation of the UK’s Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle and Australia’s Safer Baby Bundle for the US!  Ariadne conducted 41 interviews with a combination of health professionals who have used the bundles, those who would be eligible to use the proposed bundle, and individuals who are currently or were recently pregnant.  They also conducted two focus groups with pregnant/recently pregnant people.  The conclusions and next steps will be coming soon!.
  • Participated in 12 Awareness Events.  The main goal of these events were to share information about having a safer pregnancy and encourage participation in the Pregnancy Research Project.  These events took place all across the United States and were incredibly successful.
  • Provided 23 Education Workshops for Health Care Professionals across the country. These sessions educate those who work with families on best practices in perinatal loss prevention and care.  If you are interested in these sessions email [email protected]
  • Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death team supported 626 families.   Our team makes contact with anyone that experiences the death of a baby during pregnancy or infancy in the state of Minnesota.  Resources are shared with the families to know they have support in their community.  Learn more at

2020 was full of challenge but our work goes on.....

  • Welcomed 3 new chapters
  • Provided $130,000 in research grants
  • Featured on the Women of Worth national primetime television special
  • Launched the COVID-19 study
  • Launched the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team
  • Expanded website translations to 11 different languages
  • Hosted 27 education events for health professionals
  • Created 3 new patient education brochures
  • All family education materials translated into Hmong and Somali in addition to English and Spanish.
  • Safer Pregnancy Cards translated into 7 languages
  • Held 24 Champion events.
  • Directly supported 2,674 families
  • Held 164 hours of support groups
  • Welcomed 580 new participants to support groups
  • Over 70,000 patient education materials provided to over 200 health care facilities

2019 Was a banner year but there is still great work to do.

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