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Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death

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A compassionate starting point with comprehensive resources

The death of a child is devastating for families and communities.  Whether the death is anticipated or sudden and unexpected, survivors are traumatized.  The grief following a death can be intense and prolonged.  Parents and many others are deeply affected and navigating the complexities going forward is overwhelming.

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If your baby has died

We are so very sorry for your loss.  Please know you are not alone and we are here to support you through the difficult times ahead.  If you would like to speak to someone or be contacted by our team, please call 952-679-3929 or email [email protected].    You may also call our Grief Support Line at 952-715-7731, ext 1. 

Who we are and what we do

In September 2019, Star Legacy Foundation created the Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death.  This is a statewide program that provides a framework for early referral and intervention when a baby dies in Minnesota.  Eligible families are those who live in Minnesota and experience the death of a baby through stillbirth, neonatal death, SUID/SIDS, or any other infant death.  The Center is Minnesota’s resource for information on strategies to reduce the risk for stillbirth and infant death.  We provide comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions, as well as grief resources, funeral assistance and support for bereaved families.

The Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death is funded in part by grants from the Minnesota Department of Health, CentraCare Health Foundation and numerous individual donors.  All services provided by the Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death are free to bereaved families.

The Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death will contact each family and offer the services of our Family Support Coordinators.  These individuals are health professionals who have expertise in caring for families after the death of a baby.  They can listen, provide information, ensure families have access to appropriate resources, and minimize barriers to quality bereavement care.  Family Support Coordinators can continue to be a contact person for the entire family for the months to come.

Each family situation will be assessed to determine which resources could be helpful or are desired.  Examples include information, birth planning, books/blogs/podcasts/websites, counseling/therapy, support groups, support line, bereavement photography, spiritual or cultural support, funeral homes, financial assistance, and peer support.

We also offer live, online support groups for parents after a stillbirth or neonatal death, parents after infant death or SUID/SIDS, fathers, and grandparents.  All groups are facilitated by trained professionals who have experience with these tragic deaths.

The Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death is also a depot for the Minnesota Milk Bank, offering a sensitive location for all mothers to donate, including bereaved mothers if they wish.  For information on milk donations contact us at [email protected] of call 952-679-3929 .  If you are interested in donating milk, click here for more information or visit the Minnesota Milk Bank.

Who can refer to the center

Families may be referred to the Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death at any time, but ideally as soon as possible after the baby’s death.  Families can contact us directly, or referrals can be made by their health professionals, Department of Health, public health departments, medical examiners, employers and co-workers, clergy, funeral homes or family, friends or neighbors.  To start a referral click here or call 952-679-3929 or email [email protected].  If the family is non-English speaking, please advise us at the time of referral.

Please note: we will make every attempt to reach individuals referred in 48-72 hours.  If immediate contact is indicated/requested please call the support line at 952-715-7731, x 1

prevention and education

The Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death also provides continuing education workshops for health professionals throughout the state.  Please contact us for a list of upcoming events, potential topics, or information about bringing a workshop to your area.  We are also willing to provide presentations for community, philanthropic, or other local groups. 

How you can help

Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death

c/o Star Legacy Foundation

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