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Minnesota Resources

Just need someone to talk to?

Our Grief Support Line – is available to families and health professionals by calling 952-715-7731, x1 Note: This is not an emergency line. If you need immediate assistance please dial 911.

In addition, Star Legacy Foundation offers a Peer Companion program to bereaved families. These individuals have first hand experience with loss themselves and have been trained to support others along their grief journey. We do our best to pair you with a peer companion who has experienced a similar situation. Contact us if you would like to be connected with a peer companion.

Support Groups

Star Legacy Foundation provides free, live, interactive, online support groups for families who have experienced a loss and for individuals experiencing a pregnancy after a loss. Groups are held via HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing and facilitated by trained mental health professionals.  You do not need a video camera on your computer to attend but it is very helpful if you do. Registration is required only the first time you plan to attend. After that you will receive a reminder email prior to each session. You can be removed from these reminders at any time.  Learn more about our support groups here.


The Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death is a milk depot affiliated with the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies.  Some bereaved mothers have found it comforting to provide the milk intended for her baby to be donated to the milk bank to benefit other babies in need.  Our depot provides a ‘safe’ place for mothers to bring their milk where we truly understand the value of your donation and your own emotional needs.  If you are interested in donating to the milk depot at Star Legacy Foundation, you will first need to call the Minnesota Milk Bank to register.  Once you have received your donor number you can contact us to schedule a drop off appointment. 

The Minnesota Center for Stillbirth and Infant Death Milk Depot was established with a generous donation in memory of Elijah David Peterson by his grandparents, Denise Nelsen and Jim Demke.

Additional Resources

We keep a current list of locally available resources. Contact us (952-715-7731, x5 or email to [email protected]) about anything you may need including but not limited to:

  • Bereavement Photography
  • Funeral Planning & Supplies
  • Financial Assistance
  • In-person Support Groups
  • Mental Health Care
  • Books and Reading Materials
  • Memorial Ideas & Activities
  • Meet ups and Gatherings
  • Healing and Respite Facilities

If you provide a service or resources for bereaved families and would like to be included in our resource list, contact us at [email protected]

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