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Making Memories

with your stillborn baby

For families who lose a baby to pregnancy and infant loss, your time at the hospital is precious and often the only time to make memories with your baby.  

This is a guide to help you make memories with your baby.  Please know you are not alone.

This is a collection of ways to make memories with your baby during your time at the hospital.

Pictures with your baby

link below – NILMDTS as a resource, local photographers?

This gallery is a collection of baby photos from all ages and gestations.  These photos have graciously been shared by other bereaved families to help you make memories with your own baby.

This playlist is a collection of songs from other bereaved families and can be found on Spotify.  Many families find comfort listening to this music during the hospital and afterwards.

Memory Making

Below you will find a list of some of the things other families have done with their baby(ies) during their hospital stay.  If you are lacking resources, please consider asking the hospital staff for donated items or asking a family member or friend to make a trip to the store to purchase items for you.  Most importantly, take your time when making decisions and be kind to yourself.

  • Name your baby
  • Hold and touch your baby
  • Kiss and hug your baby
  • Request skin to skin contact after your baby is born
  • Let family and friends hold and meet your baby
  • Ask hospital staff for weight/height/head circumference measurements
  • Ask hospital staff to fill out a crib card
  • Ask hospital staff for name bands for your baby
  • Handprint/footprint cards (have multiple made if possible)
  • Hand/foot molds (Crayola model magic works well)
  • Lock of hair keepsake
  • Bathe your baby (ask for assistance if needed)
  • Take photos of labor/delivery/your baby (every part of their body)
  • Request professional photographs
  • Take videos
  • Journal (in writing/videos)
  • Religious rituals (ex: baptism, etc.), ask for the hospital Chaplain
  • Watch sports games on television with your baby
  • Play music
  • Read books
  • Dress your baby
  • Make a memory box or a memory book
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