Our Stars Stories

Ezra Christopher Carter

On Tuesday, May 9th we discovered that Ezra’s heart had unexpectedly stopped beating

Juliette Marie Adams

Hello my name is Brittany Mackey this is my story . October 17th was your due date. The day you were definitely suppose to be home with your family ! Your special arrival your birthday.

Leah Sinanovic

We lost our little baby angel Leah Sinanovic on July 25, 2019. Our journey with Baby Leah started when we found out we were pregnant the morning of December 3, 2018. This was such a

Christian John Keane – February 15, 2017

Married in 2002, we had our first son, Joey in October of 2005. I was 29 years old. When Joey turned about 3 years old I started dreaming of giving him a sibling. After years

Dex Richard Beaton

My Journey to Hope. I met my husband in college and we took our time getting to know each other. After dating for 5 years, we knew we were ready to start a family… so

Grayson Peter Kovacs Miller

Patrick & Mary’s story of stillbirth……. I decided I wanted to take my own maternity photos and write about my personal experience! I wanted to take the photos alone and using a tripod in my sons

Andrew Livingston

Jennifer & Mike Livingston’s story of stillbirth….. On July 27, 2015, after months of trying to conceive, we found out I was pregnant with our second child.  My husband, Mike, and I were over the

Grace Anne Kennedy

Elizabeth & Kevin’s stillbirth story… Life is made up of a bunch of fleeting moments. Some you catch hold of and can fully enjoy. Some fly by so fast they are a blur in your

Orion David

Marissa & Joseph’s stillbirth story…… I was 34 weeks pregnant with you. 34 weeks of loving you. 34 weeks of imagining and wondering…. singing to you… your big brother whispering secrets to you… your daddy

Lisa Grace Westbrook

Kevin & Angela’s story of full term stillbirth. My husband, Kevin, and I went to high school together where we were both in the marching band. Our senior year, we started dating. The following fall,