Ezra Christopher Carter

November 15, 2019
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On Tuesday, May 9th we discovered that Ezra’s heart had unexpectedly stopped beating. During his delivery, the doctor quickly noticed there was significant narrowing and twisting of his umbilical cord where it inserted into his belly, possibly due to lack of Wharton’s jelly. We were blindsided by his loss as all tests done were normal on him and there were no signs of issues. Even though I am an ultrasound tech for my profession, I still wasn’t aware of the frequency of stillbirth and the importance of kick counts. I noticed lack of movement the weekend prior to losing him, but I chalked up my worry to paranoia. For that reason, I am passionate on helping raise awareness, education, and research on stillbirth so that expectant mothers are more aware of the risk and have resources available for support after such a horrible tragedy.

Parents: Adam and Christina Siblings: Damon and Brayden

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