Mulan Noelle Bullird

December 20, 2022
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Mulan Noelle Bullird is the light of our life. She was the youngest out of our 4 children. On December 19,2022 we went in to check on her because her fetal movements decreased. Upon examination we discovered our sweet girl had passed on. She was delivered on December 20, 2022. Our life mission is to keep her memory alive by dedicating our time to help others who may face such overwhelming circumstances. Listen to your body and ask questions. Your pregnancy and your baby matters. Mulan is a sweet, peaceful angel now. She has no pain or suffering. That thought keeps us strong along with our undying faith. We hope our story helps you and bring you comfort in your time of bereavement. You are never alone. There is a community of us who love you and wish you well on the days, months, and years ahead.

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