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Welcome to the virtual home of the Star Legacy Foundation.  If you have found yourself here as a bereaved parent of a child lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, prematurity, or neonatal death we are so very sorry for your loss.  Among these pages we hope you will find the information you are looking for but if not, please contact us.  We are here to help.  You might want to consider adding your 2015 great nonprofit badgebaby to our stars page and even creating a memorial page dedicated to your precious child.

If you are visiting our website because you have a friend or family member who has suffered a loss, please know that we want to help you too.  Pregnancy and infant loss is very complex and friends and family often tell us they just don’t know how to help.  We have information here that specifically answers those questions and will even give you the words to say and things to avoid saying.  We can give you ideas of ways to honor any baby lost too soon.

Regardless of why you are here, we are glad you stopped by.  If you, like so many, have never heard of stillbirth or other forms of loss, we hope you will come to know that one out of four pregnancies ends with a poor outcome and that is just not acceptable.  Read on and learn more – and contact us with any thoughts or questions you may have.

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