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Poster Presentations

A review of stillbirth definitions; a rationale for change

Kristin Kelly

Facilitators and barriers to substance-free pregnancies in high-income countries: a meta-synthesis of qualitative research

Tamara Escañuela Sánchez

Stillbirth and risk factors: an evaluation of Irish and UK websites

Tamara Escañuela Sánchez

Medical Malpractice and Preventing Stillbirth

Jill Wieber Lens

Using Technology to Monitor Baby, the Use of mHealth to Improve Fetal Outcomes

Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt

The effects of maternity services governance on the management of perinatal deaths and bereavement services

Änne Helps

What outcomes are important to select and report to improve research and care following stillbirth? 

Development of a core outcome set (The iCHOOSE Study)

Danya Bakhbakhi

Finding Parent Voices: A Global Registry of Stillbirth Parent Support

Victoria Ponce Hardy

Can an artwork like Each Egg a World Online help to break the taboo on stillbirth?

Adinda van ’t Klooster

Birthing an Identity: Pregnancy after Loss Postpartum Depression in the Midst of a Pandemic

Dadriaunna Hayes

Rapid placental examination following stillbirth to give prompt information regarding the cause of death to bereaved parents.

Sarah Cullen

Measure The Placenta: A website raising awareness to detect and prevent small placenta stillbirths

Ann O’Neill

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