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The Babies We Remembered At The Stillbirth Summit 2021




It is a tradition at the Stillbirth Summit to have stars hanging from the ceiling to honor the babies we remember.  They serve to remind all in attendance of the reason why we come together to learn about new research, collaborate for new projects and recommit to the vision that one day stillbirth and neonatal death will truly be a rare event.  Having a virtual event didn’t dampen our memories or our desire to honor the very special babies.  

The 2021 Stillbirth Summit wouldn’t be complete with out the stars!   

Babies are listed alphabetical by first name. If you wish to locate a specific baby you can look in the shorter sections of the video below.

Section 1 – A to Baby D   *    Section 2 – Baby E to Co   *    Section 3 – Cr to Fi   *   Section 4 – Fin to Jes    Section 5 – Jet to Luca J   *       Section 6 – Luca V to Noah L    *   Section 7 – Noah A to Samuel J                                Section 8 – Samuel L to Z 

We know this image is difficult to read because of the volume of names.  If you would like us to send you this image let us know – [email protected]

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