Podcast – Stillbirth Matters

International Stillbirth Alliance

In this episode, Chris Duffy visits with Susannah Hopkins Leisher. Susannah “Zan” is a fourth-year doctoral student in epidemiology at Columbia University, focused on stillbirth. She is also an honorary research fellow at the Stillbirth

The Stigma of Stillbirth

Chris Duffy visits with Danielle Pollock, a PhD candidate from the University of South Australia about the stigma of stillbirth

Always My Twin

In this episode of the Stillbirth Matters podcast, Chris Duffy visits with Valerie Samuels. In April 2002, Valerie gave birth to full term twin daughters Gina and Julia Samuels. Her daughter Gina, born with Trisomy

The Pregnancy Research Project

Chris Duffy visits with LIndsey Wimmer, Founder and Executive Director of the Star Legacy Foundation about the Pregnancy Research Project.

Keith Powell & Jill Knox Powell

In this episode Chris Duffy visits with the Keith Powell and Jill Knox Powell during their visit to Minnesota for the Star Legacy Foundation’s 15th Anniversary Dinner on June 19, 2019.

Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

In this episode of Stillbirth Matters, Chris Duffy visits with Yasuko Yamamura, MD about Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (IHCP). Dr. Yamamura is Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health at the

The lonely grief journey….

In this episode, Chris Duffy visits with Kathleen Massman, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Clinical Director of Healing Moments Counseling. Kathleen was drawn to a special interest and passion for working with perinatal loss

Breaking Down Barriers to Stillbirth Prevention

In this podcast episode Chris Duffy interviews Dr. Jane Warland of Adelaide, Australia. Dr Warland is a registered midwife and lecturer in midwifery at the University of South Australia. Jane is an active researcher in the areas of population health, mental health, and maternal health. Since suffering the unexplained full term stillbirth of her daughter Emma in 1993 she has been a passionate researcher into preventative and modifiable risk factors for stillbirth.