stillbirth prevention

Clare Thorwick

Read Ms. Thorwick’s Guest Blog In this episode of Stillbirth Matters, Executive Director Lindsey Wimmer visits with Clare Thorwick. Now in her 90s, Clare’s passion for mothers and their babies remains as strong as ever!

Mana Parast, MD, PhD

In this episode, Lindsey Wimmer visits with Dr. Mana Parast regarding placental research including COVID and placental findings . Dr. Parast is a perinatal pathologist and placental researcher at the University of California San Diego

Kristin Sharp, MD, FACOG the first US Rainbow Clinic

In this episode, Lindsey Wimmer visits with Dr. Kristin Sharp from Madison Wisconsin. In 2017 Dr. Sharp attended the Stillbirth Summit in Minneapolis and heard Dr. Alexander Heazell of the University of Manchester in the

The Gift of Intuition

Click to listen to the podcast with Claire Thorwick The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is its faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has

Breaking Down Barriers to Stillbirth Prevention

In this podcast episode Chris Duffy interviews Dr. Jane Warland of Adelaide, Australia. Dr Warland is a registered midwife and lecturer in midwifery at the University of South Australia. Jane is an active researcher in the areas of population health, mental health, and maternal health. Since suffering the unexplained full term stillbirth of her daughter Emma in 1993 she has been a passionate researcher into preventative and modifiable risk factors for stillbirth.

If I knew then……

Dealing with platitudes is a common part of the grief experience. Many well-meaning people say them in an attempt to make grieving individuals feel better. We frequently hear things like “it was meant to be” or “things happen for a reason”. These two phrases, in particular, emphasize a fatalistic view of the situation. In other words – this is what was going to happen and was supposed to happen regardless of what the people involved said or did.

Side Sleep – What does it mean?

by Lindsey J. Wimmer, RN, MSN, CPNP, CPLC Star Legacy Foundation is honored to be partnering with Tommy’s in the UK and Still Aware in Australia to promote worldwide information about safe sleep positions during

Raising Awareness:  What’s the point??

by Lindsey J. Wimmer, MSN,CPNP, CPLC October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  It has been a wonderful time for families to share their stories and encourage others to do the same.  But,