Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR

May 1, 2017
Stillbirth Matters Podcast
Stillbirth Matters Podcast
Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR
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Episode 2 – 0517

Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR
Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR

In this episode of the Stillbirth Matters Podcast Chris Duffy interviews our guest, Dr. Jason Collins, the founder of the Pregnancy Institute located in New Roads, LA.  Dr. Collins’  career and passion has focused on stillbirth, umbilical cord accidents and umbilical cord pathology.  Dr. Collins continues his research into these tragic losses and is generous with his time to talk to health professionals and newly bereaved parents. His book Silent Risk is written for clinicians and parents impacted by stillbirth due to umbilical cord pathology.  Dr. Collins and his wife, Dr. Candace Collins (ophthalmology) reside in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Collins can be reached at [email protected] 

The Stillbirth Matters Podcast is a monthly production of the Star Legacy Foundation hosted by Chris Duffy.  Your feedback and suggestions for future episodes is encouraged!  Contact us at: [email protected] 


Shilah Hulse

My son Logan died at 40 weeks gestation due to a preventable (and doctor overlooked) placental abruption. Thanks to Dr. Collins for his continued crusade to eradicate preventable stillbirths.

Thank you for the great suggestion! We will work on getting this topic lined up! Keep the great ideas coming!

I’d love to hear about placental abruption too. My daughter was stillborn due to placental abruption

Great suggestion! We will work on getting it lined up! Keep the suggestions coming!

Kelly Kittel

My son, Jonah, also died because of placental abruption due to undiagnosed toxemia, which we only learned because we filed a medical malpractice lawsuit. Please keep me in mind for this topic! In the meantime, I heart Dr. Collins. Rock on…

My daughter Freya was stillborn @ 37+2 weeks, I had complained about reduced movement for almost 3 month, I went almost every day between doctor’s and maternity hospital. Every time they put me on monitor they would say that the baby was on the sleepy side but always send me back home. On August 6/7 I went to maternity hospital again because not only the movement were almost absent and for the past 3 months my baby was still on same position, we even mentioned in few occasion if she could be stuck with the cord only to get dirty look and said that we “parents” were over reacting. That day they were going to send me home again but I refused and demanded to be admitted as I was 37 weeks and very worried, also was getting strong random contraction but wasn’t in labour. They admitted me and don’t know for what reason they put me on a single room were I hardly sow anybody. If I wanted to get checked me and my daughter I had to call the nurses witch again would put on the monitor and say same thing ” baby is on the sleepy side” but again nothing was done. I begged them to get an early section as my scheduled section was only 10 days away due to 3 previous emergency and my health condition. On the 9th of August 2016 I new that my baby was tired and was given up so I called again, also strong contraction. Finally a doctor came to check us both and wasn’t reassured of the fact that my daughter was still not moving as it should and as I wasn’t in labour I shouldn’t be contracting that much. He’s shift was over but he wrote down my notes that someone should have come back in a few hours to check Me and baby. Several hour later I had to call somebody as my daughter was acting funny. When finally a nurse came in couldn’t get her heart so I told her were to put the monitor as she was stuck on same position and everybody would get it on same place “I also had a Doppler like the midwife one” she did and found a heart bit of 85/90 So she decided in that moment that was my heart without even checking if indeed was mine. I screamed and begged to go to teathre but she wanted a se one opinion trough a scan. I didn’t want to wait as I new my baby was sleeping away. I had to wait the sonografer witch took her time to come and to go around my belly. All that time I was still crying and begging them to take me for an emergency c section. The sonografer answer that I had to wait the following morning because was no longer an emergency and she wanted someonelse to do the scan “a third opinion”. I keep begging them but they decided that she was gone 😢. On the morning when I had a section there was a struggle to get her out as she was well and truly stuck. She had the cord tightly wrapped around her neck and 3 times around her waist but ultimately she died for true knot on the cord itself witch starved her from oxygen. I was 37+2 weeks pregnant and she was even bigger for the gestation, beautiful and perfect no problem whatsoever with her. The all 3 days I been in hospital They refused to take her out because said that was too early when a pregnancy is considered full term @ 37 weeks. I’m devasted, we all are. My husband and I were looking forward to having her, she was our little miracle. Our children’s were ready to meet their sister and instead they’re learning to leave with the pain of never meeting her. They haven’t seen her as it was to painful for them. Little over a year on they still can’t ask to see her picture’s and still refusing to go to her resting place. I hope there was something more that could be done to detect problem with the cord and for the doctors to learn to listen to the mother as she’s the one that carries the baby and she’s the only one that can’t tell if something not right. Is upsetting seeing all those baby go one to soon for not good reasons. They should be with their family and their family should be enjoying their babies 💔

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