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Pregnancy Research Project

The Pregnancy Research Project is a valuable resource for researchers studying pregnancy health and poor pregnancy outcomes.  Information gathered includes health and pregnancy history, clinical data and medical records, medical imaging, and information about the mother’s pregnancy experience.

De-identified information from participants meeting the study criteria is available for approved research studies.  All studies must be IRB or ethics approved and will be reviewed by the Medical Review Board of the Pregnancy Research Project.  If desired information is not available in the data set, you may request that we inform potentially-eligible participants in the project of your study.  The interested individuals will then contact you directly for future enrollment.

To request a copy of the current dataset or to request an application for data use, please email the Pregnancy Research Project Coordinator at [email protected]


We will keep the Pregnancy Research Project website updated and will also be distributing a newsletter to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the Pregnancy Research Project.  Sign up for the email newsletter here.


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