Garrett Wimmer: A Grandparent’s Story

January 18, 2017
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Garrett’s story from his grandparents, Steve & Shauna Libsack’s perspective.

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Steve and Shauna, Thank you so much for sharing your pain and anguish. Sorry for your loss of Garrett. You expressed from the bottom of your heart so many of the painful things we are now experiencing. Our daughter gave birth to our stillborn (first) grandson 8 weeks ago, at the beginning of her 7th month of pregnancy. Luckily our family had a supportive and compassionate hospital experience at this lowest time of our lives. We share your passion for using extra technology to save as many unborn babies as possible. After a seemingly perfect pregnancy, our grandson’s heart stopped beating because of a previously undetected condition. I am comforted to hear that your daughter had 3 subsequent successful pregnancies with stepped up levels of prenatal care. Thank you very very much!

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