Ezra Fletcher Williams

October 29, 2022
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Hi, my name is Sasha Williams. In April of 2022 I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child at the age of 35. I was shocked, happy, nervous but overall excited to experience motherhood for the first time. Because I’ve never experienced pregnancy before I wasn’t sure on what to expect. Of course I knew I would experience morning sickness but I didn’t realize I would experience it the entire pregnancy duration. While working from home I became sick daily, not being able to keep any foods, liquids down at all not even water. I consulted with my providers office and everyone kept saying oh you will be fine it will pass over. Well it didn’t….so June and July I was so sick I was admitted to the hospital due to hyperemesis gravidarum. So I continued to be sick and just continued to pray to get through this pregnancy safe and a healthy baby. In October I started to get headaches, carpal tunnel, swollen feet and again Morning  sickness. I immediately reached out to my providers office stating my concerns for preeclampsia in which they told me to come in the next day. I went in for blood work and urine test. Two days later they called stating that I was in the clear. No preeclampsia. On October 25,2022 I had a doctors visit in which I was still experiencing the headaches, swollen feet etc and was told it was normal to just take aspirin 81, elevate my feet etc….On October 29,2022 I woke up to use the bathroom and immediately felt dizzy. I called my mom to come to take me to the emergency room. By the time she arrived I felt as if someone was stabbing me in my stomach. We had to call the ambulance who transported me to the hospital. Upon arrival I was seen by numerous doctors and finally was told there was no heart beat. Cause of death was Preeclampsia/Placenta Abruption. During this time I had called my providers office to advise them to contact the hospital. They never did. They called my phone and left a message stating “ it sounds like you are already receiving care but if you have any questions please give us a callback”.

My voice and complaints were never taken seriously. As a first time mother, as a Black Woman, with my symptoms I was ignored and it cost me my baby’s life. I am still fighting for Ezra and everyone else who has been ignored. I pray that providers are held accountable for their lack of compassion and lack of care daily.

Mommy Loves You Ezra and I will continue to fight for you everyday

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Felecher White

As the Nana, my daughter was very cautious and did everything in reason to give me a healthy son. The call I received on the morning of October 29, 2022 at 3:00 AM was terrifying. As I sat in the room with my daughter after several attempts of ultrasounds and then to hear the Doctor say “I am sorry, your baby is dead”. Words cannot explain how numb I became but trying to be strong for my daughter. I encourage pregnant women to seek medical help even if you have to go every day. We are holding on to precious memories of Ezra not being able to respond to us!

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