Don’t Talk About The Baby

November 7, 2018
Stillbirth Matters
Stillbirth Matters
Don't Talk About The Baby
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This month Chris Duffy visits with Ann Zamudio the producer and director  of a newly released documentary titled “Don’t Talk About The Baby”  

You may note that a large number of the interviews Don’t Talk About The Baby were filmed in Minnesota.  In 2015 Star Legacy Foundation received a call from Ann asking if we would be help them with interviews for their planned documentary project.  We put out the word and families eagerly signed up to tell their stories and honor their precious babies.  We too are tremendously grateful to these courageous families for stepping forward. And thank you Ann for reaching out – we were honored to have played a small part in this important production.

Ann Zamudio received her degree in Cinematic Arts from the University of Maryland. She has served on the board of Women In Film & Video and is the owner of Clever Gretel Productions. 

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  1. This was excellent! Thanks Chris and Ann. We had this discussion last night on the grandparent group! Especially with the holidays approaching.

  2. I lost my Son last year on June 15, 2017, I was 37 weeks pregnant his name is Carmine Castro.

    I meet someone last week that we share the same pain and she told me about the star legacy foundation.

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