Recurrent Miscarriage – Barbara Toppin, MD

September 5, 2017
Stillbirth Matters Podcast
Recurrent Miscarriage - Barbara Toppin, MD
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In this podcast episode Chris Duffy interviews Dr. Barbara Toppin on the topics of recurrent miscarriage and thrombophilia (clotting Recurrent miscarriage discussed by Barbara Toppin, MD disorders) in pregnancy.

Barbara Toppin, MD

Dr. Toppin graduated from Wellesley College. She received her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1982 and then completed her residency at Harlem Hospital, serving as Executive Chief Resident in her fourth year.

Her professional experience includes serving as clinical instructor at Columbia University College of Medicine, medical directorship of the Ossining Open Door Clinic in upstate New York and private practice in White Plains, New York. Dr. Toppin currently practices at Adefris & Toppin: Women’s Specialists in Woodbury, MN

Dr. Toppin was selected as a Top Obstetricican/Gynecologist in Woodbury, MN by The International Association of Obstetrics & Gynecologists published in “The Leading Physicians of the World”  Dr. Toppin was also selected for SUPER DOCTORS 2015 in the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine.

Dr Toppin is the author of a wonderful book called One in Four:Shifting the Balance on Pregnancy Loss.


Meghan Steele

Thank-you for your work & diligence in the baby loss community Dr. Toppin. I hope your research can be confirmed sooner by Meta-analysis, so that proper testing will become more common for mothers that suffer from recurrent loss. Prevention can be proven when science is willing to accept anecdotal evidence, like you do in your practice. Thousands of Moms share similar stories in online support groups & the “one in four” can be reduced with individual planning & care. Thanks again for making a difference in the world & the lives of the babies. ♡

Kelly Kittel

Thank you for this excellent podcast! I wish there were more like-minded doctors who seek to connect the dots and treat the whole patient. Is it possible to contact Dr. Toppin with questions as a follow-up?

Sherokee Ilse

What an amazing and effective approach to pregnancy loss prevention! To think you have reduced the miscarriage rate to 8% is fantastic. I am so impressed with your genuine care and diligence as you help each family, treating them with respect and offering hope. Bless you for your work, your heart, your book One in Four, your observant and curious attitude and Star Legacy Foundation for finding you and initiating this valuable podcast. Now we all need to share it with our doctors, midwives and parents-to-be!

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