A’Noah Diyan Sanders

October 2, 2022
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A’Noah Diyan Sanders aka Baby Primetime or to his sisters as Porkchop, was the biggest baby in the NICU.. weighing almost 8lbs born 6 wks early… He was a fighter, and knew how to get his way… The baby brother of Angel 30, Ahira 23, Aniah 21, Amari 19, Aliya 17 and Ahmad 3, which he had all of us wrapped around his finger… I just want you to know that your sisters will make sure your name and memory lives on and your big brother talks about you everyday.. Im making sure he never forgets you..Touch your daddy heart and let him know that you’re ok so he can let you rest peacefully and just continue to watch over me when the days seem to hard to bare.. We just want you to know that we miss you and although we only had your for a little while you’ll be in our hearts forever… Mommy loves you big boy

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