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Announcing – Stillbirth Matters Podcast!

April 2, 2017

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Episode 1 – 0417

We are excited to announce our newest venture: a podcast! The “Stillbirth Matters” monthly podcast hosted by Chris Duffy will provide relevant information about stillbirth and pregnancy loss featuring experts from across the globe.

Lindsey J. Wimmer, MSN, CPNP, CPLC Executive Director, Star Legacy Foundation

Lindsey J. Wimmer, MSN, CPNP, CPLC

Episode 1 of the “Stillbirth Matters” podcast features a Q&A with Star Legacy Foundation Executive Director, Lindsey Wimmer.  Listen now as Lindsey & Chris visit about the Star Legacy Foundation’s journey and the hopes and visions for the future.

Stay tuned for future editions of Stillbirth Matters podcast.  If you have a topic or guest you would like us to include in a future edition, please let us know!





Have an idea for a future episode of the Stillbirth Matters Podcast? Send us your suggestions to

Announcing – Stillbirth Matters Podcast!


  1. Julie (Jewelz) says:

    To all involved- Thank you SO much for doing this! I would love to help establish a chapter in my area or help in any way possible. I am so glad research is starting to be done on excess movement, my son Rowan had excess movement and then none, no slow decrease. He was “born” July 9th 2014 at 33.5 weeks. His cord was wrapped twice around his neck so tightly it had to be cut off after he was delivered. I really have felt an urge since his death to do something important and leave behind a legacy since he couldn’t. I just didn’t know where to start or what difference I could make. I think your organization is wonderful and would love to get involved. I am in the process of making care boxes to donate to the hospital for parents who lose a baby, this will be the second time doing this, I get my family involved in helping to make these boxes and it feels great to be able to do this because I feel it is more meaningful to loss parents to know someone else has endured this tragedy and is out there. I apologize for rambling. God Bless you all.
    – Jewelz

    1. admslf says:

      Julie – we would love to visit more. Send us a note to and we can set up a time to chat by phone!

    2. Mindy says:

      Julie – So sorry for your loss. What you and your family are doing is a wonderful way to memorialize Rowan. What state are you in?

      1. Julie says:

        I’m in Michigan

        1. admslf says:

          Hi Julie – we have a brand new (and very motivated) group forming a chapter in Michigan! Send me your email to: and I will connect you with them!

  2. Tyler H. says:

    Just listened to the Podcast….Excellent Work! The content was great and clearly presented for us, the listeners. I really look forward to hearing future episodes surrounding education, research and support. Thank you for continuing to drive this cause and push for answers that so many of us are still looking for. In honor of my Oliver…we thank you!!

    1. admslf says:

      Thank you Tyler! Your Oliver is doing his part by inspiring so many to push on and make a difference!

  3. Rebeca Torres-Rose says:

    Loved the first episode and looking forward to more!

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