Aidan Christopher Davis

June 3, 2020
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This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write, but on May 29, 2020 we lost our baby boy, our beautiful son. Aidan Christopher Davis was born sleeping, stillborn at 37 weeks. On Tuesday May 27th, he had an excellent ultrasound. Two days later, I was rushed to the hospital. The nurses and doctors frantically searched for a heartbeat but we were told there was none. It was the hardest thing Finn and I have ever had to hear. As he was full term, I had to be induced, and labor and deliver our baby. Delivered at 12:53AM, he was 7lb 8oz, 20 inches long. When he arrived, Finn and I held him, loved him, said our first hellos and then our goodbyes.

He didn’t look like me and Grayson, as I predicted; he looked just like his Daddy, as Finn predicted. He was beautiful, he was perfect, and he was taken from us.

While we now understand medically why this happened, we will never understand truly why this happened to us. We will live with this pain forever. Our excitement, anticipation and joy has been replaced with overwhelming grief. A completely demolishing kind of pain. We never could have prepared ourselves for this type of life changing devastation .

While Aidan will always be a part of our family-our son, Grayson’s little brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin-we mourn each moment that he won’t be physically here with us. We ache not only for the newborn we have lost, but the entire potential life that has been lost. We ache to be with our baby boy, and to hold him in our arms.

We promise to spend the rest of our lives honoring him, thinking of him, loving him, and we vow to help raise awareness for this cause. If we can help other families cope with this same unrelenting pain, or more importantly help other families avoid going through this unspeakable tragedy, we have done something right in Aidan’s name.

Please consider donating to Star Legacy Foundation In memory of our son, Aidan Christopher Davis.


Gil and Pat Van Geyte

We can’t express how sorry and sad we are over the the loss of your baby boy Aidan. I know that doesn’t begin to describe how your hearts must ache.
Gil and Pat

Donna Ventriss

Lindsay, sharing your family’s sorrow and pain over the loss of sweet Aidan is truly a loving, meaningful and selfless tribute in his memory. As your words touch countless others, may this be the first step toward finding some solace on the long path toward healing. Holding you, Finn, Grayson and Aiden close to my heart and in my prayers.

Jan Tyler

My eyes fill with tears reading your story. That truly must be the most heartbreaking life event that takes a precious gift back. He will sit in the lap of Jesus and comforted.

Linda E. Jones

I am so very sorry you’ve had to endure this unimaginable loss of your beloved, dear Aidan. Mark joins me in sending our deepest condolences. Holding you all in my heart and sending healing prayers to all.
With love,
Linda (and Mark).
PS. I’m an old and close friend of your Aunt Cami

Carolyn Babcock Torres

Dear Finn and Lindsay, my heart is breaking for you as you mourn the loss of precious Aidan. I hope you draw comfort from each other and from the friends and family around you. Sending you love and prayers as you grieve in your own time and way.

Laurie Olshuff-Rowen

My heart goes out to your family. I have many tears rolling down my checks. I lost a son to a still birth 30 years ago in the 7th month of pregnancy. It was the hardest moment in our life!!! I feel your pain and send my love and strength to your family. It happened on the 4th of July and we celebrate his memory every year and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him. You are brave to share this story and the awareness is important to others. Reach out to others for support. Praying for you during this difficult time.

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