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Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR

May 1, 2017

Episode 2 – 0517

Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR

Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR

In this episode of the Stillbirth Matters Podcast Chris Duffy interviews our guest, Dr. Jason Collins, the founder of the Pregnancy Institute located in New Roads, LA.  Dr. Collins’  career and passion has focused on stillbirth, umbilical cord accidents and umbilical cord pathology.  Now retired from his obstetric practice, Dr. Collins continues his research into these tragic losses and is generous with his time to talk to health professionals and newly bereaved parents. His book Silent Risk is written for clinicians and parents impacted by stillbirth due to umbilical cord pathology.  Dr. Collins and his wife, Dr. Candace Collins (ophthalmology) reside in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Collins can be reached at    See  Dr. Collins’ curriculum vitae

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Jason H. Collins, MD, MSCR

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  1. Shilah Hulse says:

    My son Logan died at 40 weeks gestation due to a preventable (and doctor overlooked) placental abruption. Thanks to Dr. Collins for his continued crusade to eradicate preventable stillbirths.

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