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Welcome to the West Michigan Chapter of the Star Legacy Foundation!

Established in April 2017, we are a motivated group of moms that have connected over the loss of our children. We banded together when we found a need to make a difference in our community. We all agree every pregnancy deserves a happy ending, and we hope to bring that change through education and awareness in our community. We also look to bring support to other families who have gone through similar losses, and strive to be that support past the hospital setting and throughout their grief journey.

Contact the West Michigan Chapter

952-715-7731 x 707

[email protected]

Social Media:

Facebook: starlegacywestmichigan

Instagram: SLFWestMichChap

Twitter: slfwestmichchap

West Michigan Chapter Upcoming Events

Annual Cornhole Tournament: Saturday, September 23rd- Check out more information/register here 


Check our chapter Facebook page for dates/locations of chapter events.

Grief Support

If you or someone you know is grieving the loss of a child, you can call 952-715-7731 x 1.  Certified Grief Counselors available 24/7.

Peer Support is also available!  Peer Companions are individuals who have first-hand experience with pregnancy loss and neonatal death and have been trained to help others along their grief journey.  Contact us at 952-715-7731 x 707 or [email protected] if you or a loved one would like to be contacted by a trained peer companion.

Helpful Information

Stillbirth Tax Deduction – Michigan provides a tax deduction for parents of a baby stillborn on or after January 1, 2019.  To claim this deduction parents will first need to obtain a Michigan Certificate of Stillbirth by completing this form.

Research study coming to Michigan soon!  Contact our chapter for details to participate

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