Vidhaan Srivastava

July 26, 2021
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We were touching the sky when I got to know that my wife is pregnant. What a day! I hold my wife and we both smile with tears in our eyes. The day was- Nov 4, 2020. We were so excited and booked our appointment with doctor. Every other week passed by just saying- Perfect, Perfect and Perfect. A balanced and perfectly healthy pregnancy. Our entire life has changed. Our life started revolving around the baby. We share some memorable moments like when we get to know the baby gender as Boy. We bought new car and moved to new place to welcome him. My wife always wanted mini Anuj(my name) and here Vidhaan is coming. Every week we drove some nearby place and have pictures of we three to show him in future.  During 36th week we organizes baby shower, created memories with friends and families. It rained a-lot during weekend. My wife said that I am not feeling much move of the baby, but doctor also said as long as you feeling baby rolling its fine. Because baby is now growing, less area to move. It was June 29th our 37th week appointment. Doctor checked everything and said Perfect belly, perfect baby position and her facial expression changed when she put doppler as there is no heart beat. She rushed my wife to Ultrasound room and checked throughly and walk towards my wife- Sorry Sorry Sorry Shweta Baby is no more! We cant see heart beat. We broke into tears. I hold her and told -everything is Gods plan. 

We cried like never. I rushed her to hospital for immediate delivery so that my wife wont get any infection. 2021 June 30th, 5 AM- I met with Vidhaan Physically but he has no life. His weight was 7lb, 20 inches length. He was very beautiful, I asked god why he chooses us for this pain. Vidhaan was our first baby. We both hold him for around 2 hour, clicked pictures, thinking if he would have been alive. We kissed him and said Good Bye with tears in our eyes and heart full of love. So beautiful, so adorable Our Vidhaan already left us too soon. He was so cute that  God change his plan to keep him in last moment.  

Please pray for us in this difficult time and wish that he would come back to us again.

Vidhaan’s Mom and Dad,

Tejaswita and Anuj Srivastava

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