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Timothy was due in February but due to complications he was delivered 3 months early. He was born via c section November 20th 2019 and was only about 2 pounds, he lived for 3 days and for the three days he lived he was a fighter he stayed strong and pulled through on his final day he struggled to breathe and his heart gave out .

 When I found out I was pregnant I was scared at first but then was so excited.  Several months into the pregnancy I learned there were some concerns and that scared me.   I did make it to every appointment that and did everything I could . He was in the NICU at Albany Medical Center.  I was released from the hospital on November 23rd in the afternoon.  I made arrangements to stay at the Ronald McDonald house, and was prepared to stay as long as needed to make sure my son was well and taken care of . I had high hopes and was praying for a good turn out with him . That evening I got settled in at the Ronald McDonald house and around 8-9 p.m I was outside waiting for transportation back to the hospital when I received a call from the hospital that things weren’t going so well with my child but they were doing everything they could . 

That night my whole world turned upside down and my baby boy ended up dying in my arms at 11:13 p.m  He is forever missed and I still carry the grief and wonder if there could’ve been anything that I could have done or should have done differently.

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