Ryley Nicholas Konkol

November 16, 2023
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Ryley Nicholas Konkol is an innocent little boy who was unfortunately taken from us too soon. He loved being held and would put up a fit until he was back in the arm cradle of his parents. He loved sensory toys, especially his Linkimal toys (penguin was his favorite). He loved looking in the mirror and smiled when we asked him “who’s that baby.” He just started to smile and laugh in the recent couple weeks and that brought an intense amount of joy to his parents. Ryley passed away at daycare unexpectedly and his parents are left with a gaping hole in their hearts. Ryley we love you and we appreciate the time you gave us on earth. We had no idea just how much we love you until we could no longer hold you in our arms. You are a great son and we will see you again one day. I hope you are happy, warm and safe in the arms of God. And one day, as we take our last breath, we will be comforted know that we will meet again to hold you in our arm, once again in heaven. We love you buddy.

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