Peyton Brian Rademacher

February 18, 2020
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Brian and Chelsea have given me permission to share their story about their son Peyton.

Brian and Chelsea are going through a tough, challenging, and sad situation that that has impacted their lives tremendously.

Friday morning I woke up with cramps and emailed into the doctor which we all led to believe was pain related to the tennis ball size uterine fibroid. On Saturday at noon I started to spot and called the on call OB to get guidance. Spotting is considered normal with fibroids and there was no cause for concern at that time. It wasn’t until 9pm when I tried to go to sleep I couldn’t get comfortable in any position and had maxed out on tylenol for the day. At 11 pm I woke up Brian asking him to take me to ER “to get checked out”. Upon arrival at the ER all I had to say is “I am 21 weeks pregnant with abdominal pain, cramping, and spotting” and that got us seen on the OB floor triage area right away. We spent approx 1.5 hours there. I was significantly dehydrated. The nurse made lots of calls back to the OB on call. They even called the specialist from Edina that saw us on Monday October 21st for our ultrasound asking for his input. At that appt everything was perfect – no cause for concern whatsoever. They checked my cervix and I had dilated to 3cm. At 21 weeks and 3 days that is too much too soon. They couldn’t give me anything to stop contractions or slow down the labor. Peyton was too small and with underdeveloped lungs that they told us, “you will have this baby in the next 24 hours and the chances that it’ll survive are small”. I was relocated from the triage room to the birthing suite by wheelchair. It took approx 10 mins to get the IV inserted and started because i was dehydrated. I was asking for pain medication the nurse stepped out to get it and in that time I asked for Brian’s hand to hold and with 2 strong painful pushes Peyton made his entrance to the world. Brian and I were the only ones in the room. The nurse reentered the room and attended to Peyton and I right away. On Sunday October 27th at 2:20am in the early morning we delivered a beautiful stillborn baby boy. He was alive for approx 5 mins and died in Brian’s arms. His name is Peyton Brian Rademacher. He was 13.3 ounces and 9 inches long. He is perfect and we miss him so much!

Brian made phone calls to both sets of parents. Our parents made it to the hospital as soon as we called them. A phone call was placed to Pastor Adam he came to see us before Sunday church services and did bedside Baptism for us.

Brian and Chelsea were faced with the decision what to do with Peyton’s body. They chose to cremate him and keep him close by in their home honoring him as their firstborn son. Even though Peyton is not here today he is still their son and they won’t forget that.

The cause of preterm delivery is all leading back to the uterine fibroids. Brian and Chelsea decided that it’s best to have them removed so it decreases the chances of future problems. Fibroids can come back. They are hormone related. Brian and Chelsea have met with their physician and asked several questions related to the future. A fibroid removal surgery is in the future but a date has not been selected yet as Chelsea continues to heal from labor and delivery.

Brian and Chelsea remain faithful and hopeful that one day they will have a healthy living child.

The support, prayers, love, comfort, care and concern have been a blessing to them. It makes each day a little easier.

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