Catt McGrath remembers her pregnancy fondly. “I loved being pregnant and I really miss it. I miss being pregnant with Daniel — that was the only time I got with him.”

McGrath, 29, was only days away from her due date in September when she knew instinctively something was wrong.

“I woke up and I didn’t feel him move,” says the Charlotte, North Carolina-based legal assistant. “I tried not to worry too much.”

But after a few hours of no kicking she went to the doctor.

“The nurse tried to find his heartbeat and couldn’t find it. I started crying. I knew. Then they did an ultrasound and I could see his head and his spine and nothing was moving.”

Her husband Dan, a project manager, was on his way to meet her when she gave him the news.

“I don’t know how he did that drive,” she says.

The baby she and her husband had named Daniel died after a “true knot” developed in the umbilical cord. Doctors told McGrath it probably happened early in her pregnancy, but didn’t cut off his circulation until he got bigger, leaving little room left in the womb to move around.

“My OB said I did everything right,” McGrath says through tears.