Alexander Kofinas, MD

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Alexander D. Kofinas, M.D., FACOG is the founder and director of Kofinas Perinatal, the award-winning and leading clinic in New York. He is also an extensive researcher, clinical associate professor at Cornell University’s College of Medicine, and author of the book, The Working Womb, and has dedicated his life to solving the mysteries of bringing healthy babies into the world.

With seven million women seeking infertility treatment in the US, Dr. Alexander Kofinas is the womb whisperer who believes there’s a better option to IVF for many patients experiencing infertility or miscarriages. Having helped tens of thousands of women in his office successfully conceive and deliver healthy babies while significantly reducing and preventing serious pregnancy complications, Dr. Kofinas has put his life’s work into his book, The Working Womb, delivering the insight and tools he practices daily to women everywhere, restoring hope on what can feel like a hopeless journey to motherhood.

Dedicating his life to the study and practice of helping women prepare for and sustain pregnancy, he has developed science-backed, highly individualized protocols for preventing common complications and solving the mystery of unexplained infertility afflicting over half of all women seeking medical fertility intervention. Developing extensive, world-renowned research on placenta health and leveraging over 35 years of practice in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Maternal-fetal Medicine, Dr. Kofinas makes healthy pregnancies possible for women with odds stacked against them.