Lily Anna Zingone

January 23, 2017
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Lily Anna Zingone was delivered at 10:26 am on Thursday June 13, 2013 at the Harrisburg Hospital. She measured 19.5 inches and weighed 5 pounds 14 oz. Lily was stillborn. Dad cut her umbilical cord and then she came to lay alongside Mom while Dr. delRosario took care of her.

Lily Zingone sketchNurse Karen and Dad dressed Lily in a beautiful pink gown featuring a rose on the shoulder. She was baptized as a claimed child of God in the presence of her loving family; parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and uncle. Dad introduced Lily to her family. Mom explained that when she and Dad got home yesterday there was a single pink lily blooming in the garden among dozens of bulbs. With that lone bloom they knew their daughter was with God. Hence, Lily was named to honor God’s promise of eternal life.

Lily was held tenderly by Mom and Dad for some time. Her head is covered with dark, curly locks of hair. Her eyes have a hint of blue and her nose is flat and cute as a button. Her face is beautiful, no doubt those looks coming from her mom. She has long arms and fingers for playing piano like her mom. Her legs are long and lean with two big feet at the ends like her Dad. Just a perfect baby. She posed for some photos with her dolly in her arms, even a couple with Mom and Dad.

Later Nurse Janet helped bathe Lily. She felt so much better being cleaned and getting her hair combed. Once dry, her long, dark hair laid straight and was as soft as could be.  It was nice to get into a change of clothes; a white jumper covered with little strawberries, swaddled in a blanket printed with footprints and topped with a multi-colored knit cap. Mom and Dad held Lily the rest of the night. The family stayed together that first night.

Lily ultrasound
The next day as Mom recovered, Dad gave Lily a brief cleaning and changed her back into the pink dress. Mom napped with Lily laying peacefully on her chest.  Dad drew some black and white sketches of Lily. Lots of friends and family checked in to find out how the family was doing. “Aunt” Sara and “Uncle” Sajid came by the hospital for a visit and got to meet Lily. Miss Carrie from church also stopped by twice during her shift to say hi. Nurse Kelly, Nurse Krista, and Nurse Alex took very good care of everyone that day.

Saturday was the third day together. Nurse Barb greeted us in the morning.  Dad started a new sketch but struggled to get it just right. He said it’s because Lily is too perfect to reproduce on paper. Nurse Barb helped Mom and Dad clip some locks of Lily’s hair before changing her into a fresh outfit and blankets. Lily went with Nurse Barb for a while so Mom and Dad could have some time together.  Pastor Jim visited as did Grandma and Great-grandparents. Nurse Krista stopped in to say hello even though she was assigned elsewhere for her shift that day. Numerous friends and family continued to call and send messages of condolence, love, and encouragement; even people who were long out of contact. Miss Jackie continued to be a hoot every meal time. Nurse Danielle watched over Mom and Dad that night.

Lily sketch Sunday was going home day. It was also Father’s Day, and for the first time Dad would be celebrating it. Nurse Barb was back in the morning to take care of Mom and Dad. She greeted them with a vase of three lilies from her garden; one for each member of the family. She also brought a gift – a picture frame for one of Dad’s drawings. Nurse Janet also stopped by for a visit and had a chance to see all of Dad’s drawings.

After lunch, however, it was time for Mom and Dad to head home. Lily was going to stay behind for a while though, so Nurse Barb brought Lily back in for a visit. Mom and Dad both held Lily, kissed her, and said some parting words.

Many people are praying for Lily and her parents, both known and unknown.Lily sketch 3

Lily Anna, you are with us now in body, but you will remain with us in spirit forever. We will never forget the joy you brought us. You have touched countless lives in the last nine months; more than we ever realized. You are a gift from God and we thank you for making us proud parents. One day we will see you again and finally share with you all the love we have to give.

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