Legend Lee McJefferson

January 5, 2024
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Expected Due Date 05/10/2024( My Mother’s Day Baby) 

Date Legend made his arrival (January 5,2024)

“Legend’s Never Die!”

January 3rd 2024, I went in for my 20-week checkup scan. Everything showed up great I heard his little heartbeat and he also had his fist positioned in a boxer stance, I smiled and remember thinking I have another boxer. (My 10-year-old daughter currently trains and conditions to Box.) I was just so relieved I made it to the halfway mark. Legend is my first son; I was so happy that God had blessed me with my son. I knew I was going to bring him into this world as a single mom and I was ready. The morning of January 5, 2024 started off like every other Friday morning I woke up, I prayed, did my morning devotions and ate. I went in to wake my daughter up, so that she could get ready for school. I went to the restroom and seen blood!!!! Wait what is this I am seeing so I jumped in the shower, still seeing the blood trying to hold in the tears, I called my doctors I received his answering service. I then called my mother, who lives in Chicago. By this time, I laid down on the floor and heard and felt my water bag break, crying to my mom, and my daughter having to witness the blood and me in so much pain. We called the ambulance, after waiting for more the 30 minutes for them to arrive I called them again asking for an Estimate arrival Time the dispatcher insisted that she could not and stated that they are in route. I also called my doctor’s office again receiving the answering service again, At this time I was in labor and didn’t believe it. Being able to communicate perfectly for a Four-minute time frame then screaming and feeling like I was going to explode. The EMT finally arrived to my house. They instantly stated that they could not transport me due to my daughter being too young, and that she needed to be picked up. We waited until a friend came and then I was transferred to Baptist East not one time did the EMT check me and the ride was so cold. Once we arrived to the hospital, I was escorted to the labor and delivery floor. I remember having my blanket over my head as we rolled into the room, still not processing what was happening to me at that moment. I was left in the room screaming watching nurses come in the room, look at me and walk out. I could not get comfortable on the bed so I tried to walk bending over seeing the blood just come out of me I laid on the floor. This one amazing nurse must have heard me screaming because she came into my room and saw me laying on the floor. She ran back out and came back with two other nurses. They assisted me on my bed and told me to push with only one hard push Baby Legend was in the lady who came and saved me from the floors arms. I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so loud being alone but knowing my friend and daughter were in the next room. I asked to hold my son. She handed me him and I just held him covered in blood with his little mouth open. There was my son in my arms at 21 weeks born sleeping. I gave him back to the nurse and they left. The next few hours were all a blur. I was taken down to the gynecologist floor. The next day Legend stayed in the room with me for the next 3 days while I was there we took pictures and I also was able to pray with my son. The day I was discharged my son was also picked up and left to the cremation place. Wow I was really leaving the hospital without my Legend. Only flowers and a box with his hat and pictures. We had Legends memorial January 13, 2024 By the grace of God a friend of mine posted a go fund me and we raised $2,000 in one week. This allowed me to cover all costs for Legends memorial and other things I needed at that time. The evening of Legends memorial I remember getting light headed and everyone thought it was because I had just had the loss and that I was stressing. I eventually passed out, woke up to a puddle of blood and on my room floor screaming my mom heard me and another trip to the hospital I went. This time finding out that I still had half my placenta in me, and was going into a hemorrhage and preformed an emergency D&C procedure also having to have 5 blood transfusions during my second stay in the hospital. My stay this time was harder because I did not have Legend there with me. As my original delivery date is approaching I want my son Legend to be remembered and I am in the process of planning some things to In his honor. I miss my Legend and wish God would have given me more time with him. As the days go by I am slowly processing his loss. I never would have thought I would be a mother of a stillborn baby. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit; he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken. Psalm 34:18.

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