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Become an IMPROVE educator 


Star Legacy Foundation is currently looking for individuals interested in becoming part of our North American faculty team for Project IMPROVE.   IMPROVE faculty members are individuals with a strong background in obstetrics and perinatal loss.

Individuals interested in becoming IMPROVE faculty should send an email and CV to the IMPROVE Coordinator and specify which station(s) of IMPROVE they are interested in training for.  CVs will be reviewed by the IMPROVE Steering Committee.  Once approved, the individual will be invited to attend the next scheduled IMPROVE course to receive training.


Faculty Qualifications & Expectations:

  • Clinicians/educators with a strong background in obstetrics and perinatal loss.
  • Must have attended a previous IMPROVE workshop as a participant.
  • Be willing to teach future IMPROVE workshops a minimum of 2-3 times per year for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Be willing to help train future IMPROVE faculty.
  • Participate in periodic faculty conference calls for the purpose of ongoing curriculum evaluation.


At the IMPROVE educator training session the trainee will: 

  • Have studied the curriculum training materials prior to attending the training workshop.
  • Discuss the materials with the IMPROVE trainer at the training workshop.
  • Observe one session and then teach one session OR teach one session if comfortable with the curriculum and have teaching experience.
  • Receive constructive feedback from the IMPROVE trainer.


Benefits to becoming an IMPROVE faculty member:

  • Provides opportunity to act upon your passion for the prevention and study of stillbirth.
  • Participation in raising awareness of stillbirth as a public health crisis and education of individuals to empower them to support loss patients and their families and thoroughly investigate stillbirth cases.
  • Travel expenses will be covered by Star Legacy Foundation.
  • Faculty honorarium is provided.


Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining the US faculty team for Project IMPROVE.


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