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Chicago Chapter

Generously supported by Rick & Jeanine Stephens
In Memory of Otto Olwig

Welcome to the chicago chapter of Star Legacy Foundation 

Established in the spring of 2018, the Chicago Chapter is on a mission to support families who have experienced loss, while partnering with our local medical community to provide research-based education around supports and practices that will ultimately limit the number of stillbirths in Chicago and the surrounding area.

We are the parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and friends of beloved stillborn babies. We know the pain and devastation of losing a child to stillbirth and believe every pregnancy deserves a happy ending.

If you or someone you know has lost their baby, we are here to help. We can connect you (or them) with other families in our area or suggest additional resources to help in the grieving process. Additionally, we host area ‘socials’ for families who have experienced loss to connect and build community.

We also welcome questions from expectant parents and medical professionals looking for information on how to best support a healthy pregnancy.

Additionally, our Star Legacy Chapter seeks to connect medical professionals with research, resources, educational opportunities, and professional development around supporting healthy pregnancies and families experiencing a loss. If you are a medical professional and would like to partner with us, please contact 

Contact Us

The leadership team of the Chicago Chapter meets monthly. Our initiatives for this year include:

  1. Partnering with the local medical community on education and awareness to increasingly prevent stillbirth, when possible
  2. Establish a community of trained, peer-to-peer grief support counsels in the Chicago area
  3. Hosting our first Chicago chapter champions event

If you or someone you know would like to get involved to support our mission and initiatives, please get in touch with us at 952.715.7731 x 716 or

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more please fill out this form and a Chicago member will reach out to you! 

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Chapter Leadership Team

  • Kasey Macha, Co-Chair
  • Kristi Noonan, Co-Chair
  • Martha Stolfe
  • Becky Chacon
  • Maggie Witmer
  • Natalie Siemsen
  • Danielle Bredemus
  • Ariel Kessler

Grief Support (Free Services)

Speak with a Star Legacy Certified Grief Counselor

If you or someone you know is grieving the loss of a child and needs emotional support, call us at 952.715.7731, x 1. Certified Grief Counselors available.

Online Support Groups Hosted by Star Legacy Foundation

Star Legacy Foundation provides live, interactive online support groups for parents and grandparents/extended family experiencing a loss, Dads, as well as for families who are pregnant/parenting following a loss.  

Click here to learn more about our support groups.   


Stillbirth is a tragic loss and we believe, in many cases, it can be prevented.  We believe that research will lead the way and can help prevent needless tragedies in the future.

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