New York Metro

About Our Chapter

Established in 2015, we are a motivated group of parents, grandparents, and friends of stillborn babies. Our mission is to educate the medical community and the public about stillbirth, raise funds for research, and provide support to families who are missing their baby. We believe that through greater awareness and empowered pregnancy, many of these tragedies can be prevented, and we strive to ultimately lower the number of stillbirths in the New York Metropolitan area and beyond. Our service area includes portions of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. If you are located in the NY Metro area and would like to learn more about our chapter, please contact us!

Star Legacy Goals and Projects

  • Support families who experience any type of pregnancy or infant loss
  • Partner with the medical community regarding pregnancy and infant loss (free support materials, provide free/low cost education, etc.)
  • Raise awareness and provide education for safer pregnancy
  • Advocate for legislation that will support pregnancy and infant loss
  • Encourage families to participate in the Pregnancy Research Project 

Chapter Needs

  • Education Chairs
  • General Volunteers

It is important to us that all families feel supported and welcome in this space. Please reach out to us so we can help meet your needs in the way you deserve.

Chapter Resources and Projects

Please note that these resources and project are chapter-specific.  To view our extensive supports and resources provided by the foundation, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Since stillborn babies tragically do not receive a Birth Certificate, many states offer a Certificate of Stillbirth or a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (this includes New York Metro).  Learn more about how to obtain a certificate for your baby/babies by clicking the link above.

New York Metro has a few important pieces of legislation including a stillbirth tax credit and paid family leave to include stillbirth.  If you would like to learn more about how to help pass these bills, please complete our volunteer form.

Star Legacy Foundation provides evidence based continuing education workshops on numerous topics pertaining to pregnancy & infant loss.

Chapter Leadership Team

Co-Chair Jeanine Sabtino
Co-Chair Kathy Gardner
Event Manager Mark Terjesen
Event Manager Carolyn Terjesen

Chapter Photos

Connect with Us

Call: 952-715-7731 ext 710

Email: [email protected]

National Resources and Supports

Star Legacy Foundation offers many supports and resources. Below, you will find some of our highlighted resources and support.

We offer free peer-to-peer support where we match you with someone who has tragically had a similar experience with loss.  If you want to learn more, be matched with a peer or become a trained peer yourself, click the link above.

We offer many free, virtual support groups.  Learn more or register by clicking the link above.

We offer a wide selection of printed materials such as bereavement resources, support group cards, safe pregnancy support and more. All of our resources are completely free and ship free as well.

The Pregnancy Research Project is a research study bringing together patients and researchers to advance knowledge and discover preventions and treatments for poor pregnancy outcomes. Please consider giving the gift of data and becoming a participant.

Our Stillbirth Scorecards take the CDC stillbirth data and organizes it into a one page document you can share to raise awareness about the stillbirth crisis.

It would be an honor if we remembered your beloved baby alongside you.  Honor your babies with you by adding them as a star or creating a memorial page in their memory.