Arabella Renee Outlaw

January 23, 2017
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There are really no words to express how I feel, but I wanted to share a bit about my daughter and the immense joy she brought to my life.

Arabella and I shared many private moments together where I told her just how much she was loved and how exciting our life together would be.  Even in my womb, she was so full of spunk and sass. Towards the end of my pregnancy she would scoot up towards my lungs, and I would gently nudge her back down.  She responded with swift kicks to the ribs followed by a return to her previous position. My little long-legged gazelle simply did not have enough room in there!

In one ultrasound visit, the first my mom attended, we were both so excited to see the baby and mom was convinced she would be able to figure out the sex.  To this, Bella’s response was to face my back the entire time, giving us a view of her beautiful backside… only.  And of course, during the ultrasounds her legs were always crossed, at the ankles. Ever the Outlaw woman, ever the lady.  She was and will always be my sweet, sweet girl and the love of my life.

 Arabella, my love, I will forever cherish the short time we had together, and I will carry you in my heart always.  We love you so dearly and are so deeply saddened by losing you.  I love you to the moon and back.

 Thank you for your gracious donations to the Star Legacy Foundation in memory of my sweetest ‘Bella bum.’  It means so much to our family that your life-saving gift will be made in Arabella’s name, keeping her spirit very much alive!

 The Outlaw Family

Lauren Outlaw

Vernon & Cheryl Outlaw (Poppy & Ya Ya)

Donate in memory of Arabella Renee Outlaw

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