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Pregnancy Research Project

The Pregnancy Research Project is a living database designed to improve researcher access to individuals willing to participate in research.  Our goal is to advance what is known about pregnancy health and prevention of poor pregnancy outcomes.

The Pregnancy Research Project will be most valuable to researchers with a large number of pregnancies included from a variety of women representing the diversity of our society.  We need the help of health professionals to encourage women to participate in these efforts.

Help us recruit participants?

As a healthcare provider, you can play a pivotal role in enrolling as many women as possible in The Pregnancy Research Projecty. Health professionals are not responsible for obtaining consent or implementing any part of the study.  We simply want you to tell your patients about this project and encourage them to consider enrolling.  Any information shared with researchers will be de-identified, including provider and facility names.

We’ve made it easy for you to promote the Pregnancy Research Project to your patients in two ways:

1) We can send you informational postcards that you can then provide to your patients as you see them.

2) We also have a HIPAA compliant mail/e-mail campaign template that you can use to reach your former patients.

Both educational pieces ensure adherence to HIPAA guidelines.  Please fill in the information below, and we will keep you up to date about program changes and research being done as a result of the Pregnancy Research Project. When we have other materials available, we will let you know.

Physicians, midwives, nurses, and other healthcare providers can also make a great impact on improving pregnancy outcomes just by educating women during prenatal care about parenting their unborn baby. The Star Legacy Foundation has free patient education materials for your use.

If you are a researcher and would like to access the data for your own study, please click here.


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Free Patient Education Materials
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