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Stillbirth Summit 2019 Presentations

As we receive presentations from the speakers, with their permission, we will load them here to download. Bold presentation titles have a downloadable document attached:

Reducing Stillbirth in Scotland: Changing Culture and Practice – A Success Story. – Dr. Catherine Calderwood

INUTERO — Jane Warland & Claire Foord

Does Successful Shared Decision Making Obviate The Need For Signed Consent Prior To Fetal Membrane Sweeping To Induce Labor? – Dr. James McGregor

Post-traumatic stress disorder following stillbirth: Rick factors, identification and early intervention – Dr. Deb Rich (no slides available)

Why & How Perinatal Loss Parents Grieve Online — LIndsey Henke, Dr. Joann O’Leary

After Stillbirth: Improving Maternal Mental Health Outcomes Through Midfulness Techniques – Dr. Ivy Margulies

Caring for Couples at the time of loss and in the pregnancy that follows – Dr. Margaret Murphy

Recurrent Early Pregnancy Loss: A Clinician’s View from the Front Line – Dr. Barbara Toppin

What can the Stillbirth Autopsy Tell Us? – Dr. Debra Heller — (Dr.  Heller prefers not to share her slides due to the graphic nature of content and prenatal consent issues)

What Women Want After Experiencing a Stillbirth: A focus group study – Dr. Tosin Popoola

Improving Care in Pregnancies After Stillbirth – Evaluating The Rainbow Clinic – Louise Stephens

The Ripple Effect of Perinatal Loss: Impact On Grandparents And Adult Siblings – Dr. Joann O’Leary & Annette Klein

Stillbirth And Reproductive Justice: Addressing Disparities In Perinatal Loss And Biases In Care — Dr. Suzanne Pullen & Deanna Mallareddy

Moments of Reflection – Jennifer Kouri, RN (No Slides)

The Pregnancy Research Project: A Collaborative Approach to Pregnancy Research – Dr. Louise O’Brien and Lindsey Wimmer

Placental Findings in IUGR – Dr. Mana Parast

Recurrent Early Pregnancy Loss: A Clinician’s View From The Front Line — Dr. Barbara Toppin

Reducing Stillbirth in Scotland: Changing Culture and Practice – A Success Story. – Dr. Catherine Calderwood

Understanding Stillbirth Stigme: Why Breaking the Silence is Not Enough – Danielle Pollock

Marginalization of a Woman’s Grief Following a Stillbirth – Stephanie Inks (Ms. Inks is planning to publish her information so will not release her slides at this time)

A Systematic Review of the Association Between Umbilical Cord Structure, Complications and Stillbirth – Deter Hayes

Tools to Assess IUFD and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss – Dr. Harvey Kliman

Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy: Diagnosis, Management , and Prevention of Stillbirth – Dr. Lisa Gill

Randomised Controlled Trials – Are they Always the Gold Standard for ‘rare outcomes’ like stillbirth? – Dr. Jane Warland

The Role of Maternal Sleep in Stillbirth – Dr. Louise O’Brien

The Association Between Altered Fetal Activity and Stillbirth – Dr. Alexander Heazell

Restoring Joy And Resiliency To The Practice of Medicine – Dr. William Maples

Medical Paternalism and Ignorance of Stillbirth – Jill Lens

What to Do When Needed Change is Not Happening – Dr. James Nicholson

Panel Discussion: What Do We Know? Where Do We Go? (No Slides)

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