Stillbirth In The News

December 28, 2016
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a·ware·ness [uh-wair-nis] noun; the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousnessman-with-megaphone
How many times do we hear families say “I didn’t think stillbirth happened any more.” Or “Why don’t the doctors tell you this can happen.” We all hear similar statements from almost every family that we talk to. There are lots of excuses for the reason it isn’t talked about but no good explanations. The simple truth is that until we raise awareness about stillbirth, we cannot push for more research funding, education and prevention strategies. Stillbirth and other pregnancy & infant loss issues are painful to talk about. But we must – for the sake of the memory of those babies we’ve already had die before they were born but maybe more importantly for the sake of the babies yet to come.
We applaud anyone that can get stillbirth into the news, on the radio – anywhere in the public. We can all do something to raise awareness – a letter to the editor, a press release about stillbirth awareness events, distribute prevention information such as the See Me, Feel Me Program. Like Nike says – “Just Do It!”
Be sure to share with us so we can add your information here – perhaps it will help others take the step to spread the word.

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Let’s Not Be Still!

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