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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP Over the last few weeks, I’ve read dozens of articles about the evils of a wide variety of topics in obstetrics that include cesarean sections, perinatal testing, medical intervention, birth

Welcome to the club………..

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP I always resented the idea that I became part of a special ‘club’ when my first child was stillborn.  Knowing that there were thousands of moms like me made me

You’re Going To Be A Daddy!

We are honored to bring you this blog post by Sean Hanish.  Sean is a stillbirth dad first but also the author, director and producer of the movie, Return To Zero.  Please visit their website

Finding Your “New Normal”

Those of us that have experienced the loss of a child regardless of their gestation or age know all too well that ‘normal’ has ceased to exist as you knew it before.  And so the

Memorial Day Then & Now……

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP I have fond memories of Memorial Day from my childhood.  We would go around to the cemeteries where my great-grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and grandma were buried.  It always

“What’s the truth about cord accidents?”

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP I was asked this question earlier this week.  And it’s a very good question.  There are so many conflicting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs regarding the role of the umbilical cord

Obstetrics from a Pediatric Perspective

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP A frequent frustration of families who have endured a stillbirth is the feeling that their OB or midwife wasn’t worried about the baby until the actual delivery, or until it

Shhhhhhh…..We can’t say the “s” word!!

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP Take the poll! If you have not yet read it, I encourage everyone to read the recent article in the New York Times titled, “Breaking the Silence of Stillbirth”.  This

Redefining Friendship After Your Baby Dies

by Lindsey Wimmer, MSN, CPNP -Executive Director, Star Legacy Foundation Even almost eight years after my first child was stillborn, I still find myself in situations that take my breath away or leave me speechless. 

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