Stillbirth Summit

The Value of Pathologic Evaluation in Stillbirth

Linda Ernst, MD, MHS This presentation will review the most important tests in the postmortem work-up of stillbirth and their value to clinicians and families. Important autopsy and placental findings associated with stillbirth will be

The Influence of Sleep on Maternal and Fetal Wellbeing

Louise O’Brien, PhD This presentation will highlight how maternal sleep plays a role in both maternal health as well as fetal wellbeing. Data will be presented to show that sleep offers a modifiable risk factor

Modeling the Human Placenta in the Research Laboratory.

MANA PARAST, MD, PHD This presentation will focus on recent advances in modeling of the human placenta in the lab, including development of placental stem cells, organoids, and “placenta-on-a-chip.”  She will describe why the human