Andrew Foushee

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  The last time Andrew was alive was on 9/18/19 I was getting my Ultrasound all I can see is his cute little chin while he was making goldfish movements with his lip I was really excited and looking forward on see my son my first child, the doctor told me that I need to be induce because of the Fluids so instead of giving birth on 28 of September 2019 I was going to go in on the 24th instead dew days has passed where I haven’t felt him move I thought it was normal because of the baby getting bigger in the womb until that morning the day of delivery at 5 in the morning that’s when my nightmare had began.

Looking at the doctors as they try to find baby heart beat for 15mins, feeling my heart beat rush. The doctors look at me and said how sorry they are I look at my dad in shock while slowly my body becoming numb I cried so loud as my dad was holding me.

I wish life would give us answers on why our precious gift we made had to be taken away from us every day I cry myself to sleep wanting wishing to hold my baby in my arms again. I miss his touching his little fingers I miss his smell I miss my baby my Little piglet. My life isn’t going to be the same again. But all I can do is enjoy the moments I’ve had with him while he was in my stomach. Touching my stomach feels empty like my heart.

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