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The recipient of this award will have demonstrated results in affecting policies changes to improve the outcome for expectant families or the care received by bereaved families. Preference for efforts that address issues in the United States, include marginalized populations, and required collaboration.

Crystal Olson, RN is a labor and delivery nurse at Mercy Hospital and has a heart of gold. She does an impeccable job with her loss patients. She has a way of immediately connecting with these families; this is something that can’t be taught.

Vicki Townsend runs a group called “Tayler’s Treasures & Blessings from Heaven” and is a remarkable person. Even when she is not running the group she is ALWAYS going above and beyond for every Angel parent she comes across whether it’s a mom or dad and she does all this dealing with her own loss, doing a consultant business, being an adoptive mom, a foster parent, having children of her own and doing so much more. She is constantly going above and beyond even at the cost of her own self care. I am honored to call her my friend and so glad to have her on my journey dealing with my own losses. She and others have become allies in baby loss community to try to help stop the stigma and educate others. I do hope you consider her for all she does and the heart she has.

Nneka Hall has turned her heartbreak experiences as a mother into inspiring motivation to guide, counsel and educate mothers on childbirth education, miscarriages, abortions, stillbirths in the structure of a nonprofit and giving melanated women a safe, healing space to talk about their children and promote healthier outcomes. She honors her daughter by living a life of service. 2013 she became a doula. 2014 she founded QUILT and became Co producer of the MotherWit Conference which she did for 3 years. 2016 she was fortunate enough to be accepted (after being nominated) as a Nominated Change Maker for the first US of Women’s Summit which was hosted by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. In 2017, she spoke at the MA State House in favor of establishing a FIMR. 2018 she spoke about the mental health side of her stillbirth at the “This Is My Brave” Boston show. On International Bereaved Mother’s Day she coordinated the March for Moms where she spoke about the importance of not only saving moms but babies and read an International Bereaved Mother’s Day proclamation. 2019 started with the premiere of the This Is My Brave short documentary in which Nneka talks about losing Annaya. Nneka lives a life of service and had dedicated the rest of her life to providing support to families who have suffered losses. She has been educating people about Stillbirth since finding her voice in 2011.

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