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Shannon Renfro

Shannon moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia in October 2004.  She married Eric, a Navy submariner, in 2005 and were overjoyed to welcome their son, Jeremy, in August 2007.  Shortly after Jeremy turned 1, Shannon found out she was expecting again.  This time, it was girl, Savannah Grace, who sadly, was stillborn at 40 weeks and 3 days.  In 2011 the Renfro’s welcomed another daughter Irelyn into their family.

Since then, Shannon has become involved in many different volunteer and charitable organizations.  She was the Military Mommies Moderator and Infertility Moderator and the Charitable Works Manager for Peninsula Mommies, a local chapter of The Mommies Network for 2 years.  She is an active member of the Junior League of Hampton Roads and enjoys giving back to women and children of her community.  She has worked with 40 Days for Life, March of Dimes, and the Eastern Virginia Perinatal Council.  She has been invited to speak all over Virginia and in Washington DC on her experiences in losing Savannah.  She feels the best way to honor Savannah is to share her story and do as much as possible to prevent what happened to her family from happening to others.  Her major passion is politics and passing legislation that will hopefully put an end to stillbirth in the future and make sure everyone is entitled to the same things she fought so hard to obtain for her daughte


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