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Sewn With Love


Preemie Size charts

Star Legacy Foundation accepts sewn, crochet or knitted items to provide to families that have had their baby die before or soon after birth.  We like to have a good supply on hand to provide to hospitals as needed.  These items include gowns, blankets, hats, booties and more.

How can I help?

If you sew, knit or crochet simply make layette items as you choose and send them to us at the address below.

Where can I get patterns for these tiny items?

The pattern link above is for patterns that we have used, have been given or have been recommended to us.  If you have patterns that you would recommend please send them to us and we’ll include them as well.   (Check back often as we continually add patterns as we receive them.)

What about supplies?

We ask that the supplies be donated by the seamstresses, however, we have experienced some very generous store owners who are always happy to help.  Since these are the tiniest of items, often times if you look at a fabric store’s remnant display you can find fabric and lace that works well.  Fabric store owners, when approached to donate the remnants are often very happy to do so.  We even know of some stores that will donate or discount thread and other supplies.  The generosity we have experienced is heart warming.  Also, we have found that wedding and prom dresses can be cut up for the fabric and lace.  Check the second hand clothing stores for good, clean items that can be used – and don’t forget to tell them what you are doing and ask for a donation.  We are happy to help by providing the store owner our non-profit certificate so they can deduct the donation as well.

What fabric works best?

We like using soft fabrics –  flannel, cotton and fleece work very well but other fabrics like satin make beautiful little gowns.  If you are knitting or crocheting use the softest yarn you can find.  Just use your imagination – the items can be very plain or can be embellished as you wish.  Using neutral colors or soft pastels are recommended.  If using a print be sure the design is very small and appropriate for the purpose.  Many families will take their baby’s picture in these items and it isn’t best if the pattern of the fabric competes with the tiny baby for attention.

Send completed items to:

Star Legacy Foundation, 11305 Hawk High Court, Eden Prairie, MN 55306

Can I add a note to the family?

Absolutely – a brief heartfelt card or note can be included when we deliver the items that you make.  A simple sentiment of your sympathy is always appreciated and knowing that the item was made by loving hands is very heartwarming for the families.  We can send you a supply of small cards that we have designed for this purpose.  Just send us note to request some cards:

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